• Adi Parashakti | Adi Shakti | God in Shaktism

    Adi Parashakti or Adi Shakti in Hinduism or better known as khanda in Sikhism, is the original creator, preserver and destroyer of whole universe and all other universes. She is simply known as "Active" reperesentation of God
  • Para Brahman | God and Creation of Universe

    How God created the universe in the form of Adi shakti and how, he further created all the demi-gods, trinity etc. Total explanation of each and every elements exist in the universe.

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Evolution of Universe (Star System) through Big Bang – Part one

In Last chapter we come to know how “pratham purush” or Narayan or Para Brahmanand time (Shava converting into Shiva) was created/started from Silent Absolute Energy called “Adi Parashakti” or Kali. Now is the explaination that how big bang occurs. Large ball comprising of big volume was formed which was made up of “Hydrogen and […]

State of God | Shiva Tatva | Conversion from Zero To one

State of God | Shiva Tatva | Conversion from Zero To one (3.1.A) (Shakti Purana) As told in previous posting that who everything come to zero, now this is all about that “Silent Energy”. This Silent Energy is also known as “Adi Shakti” or “State of GOD” or “Shiva Tatva” or “Khanda” or simply absolute […]

Creation of Universe / Universes | Organic Evolution

Creation of Universe / Universes | Organic Evolution “Creation or evolution means to begin some phenomenon” That means “Shristi Rachna” means Organic Evolution. But Organic Evolution is divided into phases. There are so many scholars like “Charles Darwin”, Stephen Hawkins and many others telling about organic evolution. But let me clear you some under mentioned […]

Energy | Divine Mother | Khanda | Adi Shakti are Same

Energy or Adi Shakti or Divine Mother or Khanda Energy means “ɛnədʒi” in Greek that means “Phenomenon that changes”. Either you are at rest or you are in motion, some external force is required you to move or stop respectively. Told you before that Force is Maya, but the phenomenon that governs maya is acceleration […]

Dimensions and Deities

Dimensions and Deities (Chapter – 1) As per SI or Standards, Basic three dimensions are mass (M), length (L), time (T) As per Indian Mythology, major gods are Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. > Lord Brahma or Creation – Distance or presence or Madham Purush > Lord Vishnu or Preservation – Mass or […]