Sanatan Dharma Purana |Creation of Universe | Origim of Trimurti – Brahma –Vishnu – Shiva

Daily news watch is now presenting the “Story of Indian Mythology”, in which you will be reading a completely descriptive and sourced story of all forms of gods and goddesses. It will comprise all the stories from the starting from the creation of universe to till now. Everything will be sourced from all the “Puranas” and “Upanishads”.Om Banner

[Start of Devi Bhagwat Purana and Markandeya Purana] Before the beginning, there was nothing except “infinite zero” or GOD along with “Divine Peace” also known as “Sacred Zero Energy” or “GOD’s Energy” or “Adi Shakti”, both were formless, no shape, odorless. The state of GOD is called “Shiva tatva”, it doesn’t mean god Shiva. Shiva Tatva is supreme state where God and God’s silent energy exists, but, due to wish of GOD (iccha shakti) to give birth, GOD becomes active. When GOD was inactive i.e. phenomenon of static state of energy, also known as Para Brahman or GOD, which was neither a male nor a female, for which, God was neither having masculine attributes nor having any feminine attributes, But, by the phenomenon, when God becomes active, There was no more silence a sound/waves of pranav or “OM” appeared and God started possessing “Feminine attributes”. Wish of giving birth is itself is feminine attribute. [Start of Brahmand Purana] As such God then converted to beautiful feminine form called “Goddess” or “Adi Parashakti” or “Jagadambika” that means “mother of Universe”. She was virgin and by God’s wish, God converted itself to Adi Shakti. Now, Energy was no more silent. So Active Aspect of God i.e. Adi Shakti laid a cosmic egg or Brahmanda or first super matter. (here waves of pranav /om worked as beej/seed for creation)

Sri Hari Vishnu[Start of Shiva Purana Module 1] Time automatically started since first matter appeared Time was also not in shape. It means Mahakaal, who also known as formless Shiva. This is the reason, why the supreme state of God is called Shiva tatva since at the state there was no time or Shiva. At this point Shiva was “Shava” but when GOD became active as Adi Shakti and give birth to first matter, then automatically, Time or Formless Shiva appeared. The active state of God is called Shakti tatva. When the egg busted, there appeared a big plasma ocean called space with very small first seed. Adi Shakti converted herself to big protective layer to give base to the seed, it protected the first seed produced and the seed grew to become first male or “Narayana”, who was dark blue in color having four hands holding chakra, couch, lotus flower and gada, on the other hand the base became “Sheshnaag”. The Parashakti’s first energy evolved with Narayana was “Gowri Devi” or Narayani (the first female), but she also didn’t get any shape but existed and regarded as his cosmic sister. [Start of Bhagwat Purana | Vishnu Purana] Lord Narayana or Lord Krishna was first being with form hence considered to be supreme in all deities with form. Then Adi shakti dropped second seed onto navel of Narayana that raises to form big lotus. That big lotus blossomed completely and there was second male who took birth inside Narayana’s naval. So he was partial form of Narayana.

268136_213543175356534_100001025605280_653785_5712959_n[Shiva Purana restarted module 2] There after Brahma asked Vishnu from where you came? Who are you? Vishnu said I have created you. Brahma didn’t agree with Vishnu. He said when he was appeared, he only had seen a fully blossomed lotus and I was sitting on it, there was no one except me so I am greater and I am first. Mahavishnu said you have taken birth from me. They started debating on this. Immediately, a big pillar came between them, a sound from big pillar was heard by both, the one who could know the end of the pillar will be first and greater. Brahma went down and Mahavishnu went up. Mahavishnu couldn’t find so he went up, but Brahma thought if Vishnu would knew the end of pillar then he would be declared greater so better to say false. He went and said he got where the end is. Brahma said the same whatever he has thought in his mind. But pillar opened up the false statement and cursed that his wrong words and boon will always obtain hurdles in his works. Lord Narayana asked “Who is there in Pillar”? By this a being with five heads and 10 arms appeared, he got three eyes on all his faces, dark blue in color. He explained he is incarnated as an “Incarnation of Great Time”. He replied we all are entity of same Brahman and will do the tasks “Creation”, “Preservation” and “Destruction” and that will be allotted by Supreme Power or Adi Shakti.